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The Most Inclusive Cruises

Important Notice. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they contain important details regarding your Silver Sea Cruises, Ltd., cruise purchase and outline the terms and conditions by which you agree to be bound. Upon payment of a deposit, all bookings are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the then applicable Silver Sea Terms and Conditions, as well as those contained in the Passage Contract. It is also recommended that you read the General Information section for important details regarding your cruise vacation.

Subjects Covered

 Air/Sea Fare
 Cruise-Only Allowance
 Single and Third Guests
 Payment Schedule
 Health/Disability Requirements
 Rights Reserved and Limits of

 Hotel Programs
 Silver Sea Air Program
 Travel Documents
 Shore Excursions, Land Tours, Lectures
   & Personalities

Air/Sea Fare.

Your air/sea fare covers most shipboard services including: suite accommodations, all onboard meals and entertainment, roundtrip economy air transportation from listed U.S. gateway cities and a pre-cruise deluxe hotel stay (except in Venice and New Orleans) with breakfast. Also included are all gratuities aboard ship, port charges, luggage handling, local airport taxes where applicable, complimentary beverages aboard ship (including select wines, champagnes and spirits), transfers between the airport, hotel and ship, and a special shore event on select sailings. All fares are quoted in U.S. dollars are per guest and based on double occupancy. Air and hotel arrangements for air/sea cruise bookings made within 14 days of sailing departure will not be confirmed until full payment is received. Not included in your air/sea fare are: optional shore excursions, meals ashore unless noted, accommodations while ashore, casino gaming, laundry or valet services, purchases from the ship's boutique, child care, or any other item or service of a personal nature, such as massages, spa treatments, hair styling and manicures. Some premium wine, champagne and spirit selections are not included in your fare. All prices indicated in brochure are subject to change. Sailings designated as a National Geographic Traveler Cruise, Venetian Society Cruise, Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Cruise, Opera Cruise, Golf Cruise, Fly Fishing Cruise, Cruise with Gentlemen Hosts or Cruise with a Silver Sea ExperienceŽ, are all subject to change and/or cancellation.   top

Cruise-Only Allowance.

Guests independently making all necessary arrangements to and from the ship, including air, hotel and transfer arrangements, may deduct the applicable cruise-only allowance listed with each itinerary. The cruise-only allowance may be deducted only once regardless of the number of consecutive cruises purchased. Third guests occupying a suite may also deduct the cruise-only allowance. Cruise-only rates are port-to-port and do not include ground transfers or arrangements of any kind. The cruise-only allowance is deducted from the published fare prior to applying any applicable savings.   top                                                                                    

Single and Third Guests.

A limited number of suites are available for purchase on a single or third guest occupancy basis. The fare for single occupancy in a Vista or Veranda Suite ranges from 110% to 200% of the double occupancy fare, depending upon the sailing selected. Single occupancy for an Owner's, Grand, Royal or Silver Suite (and Medallion on Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper) is 200% of the double occupancy fare. Suites for single and third guests are capacity controlled. Rates are subject to change based on availability. top

Payment Schedule.

To reserve your Silver Sea cruise, a 10% deposit of the total cruise fare is required within seven (7) days of booking. Full payment is due no later than 90 days prior to departure. All reservations are subject to cancellation if payments are not received by the due date and are guaranteed only when paid in full 90 days prior to sailing. Payments may be made by check (U.S. funds), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or Diners Club. top


Should it be necessary to cancel your reservation, please have your travel agent contact Silver Sea's Reservations Department by telephone as soon as possible and subsequently submit your cancellation in writing. Cruise and air tickets must be returned to Silver Sea before a refund can be processed. If your cancellation request is received more than 90 days prior to your initial sailing date, a full refund of the amount already paid to Silver Sea will be made. Cancellation requests received within 90 days of the initial sailing date will be subject to the following charges, regardless of suite resale:

  • 90-61 days prior to your initial sailing date: 10% of the total fare;
  • 60-31days prior to your initial sailing date: 20% of the total fare;
  • 30-15 days prior to your initial sailing date: 50% of the total fare;
  • 14-0 days prior to your initial sailing date, or non-appearance at the time of sailing: 100% of the total fare.

No refund or adjustment will be made in the event of interruption or cancellation of the cruise vacation after the commencement of same. Guests canceling land programs, hotel packages or pre-booked shore excursions within 30 days prior to departure are subject to 100% cancellation penalties. A $100 per person administrative fee will be applied for all other changes made within 60 days of the sailing date. Please note that a different cancellation policy applies to Millennium voyages. Please consult your travel agent for details. top

Health/Disability Requirements.
Certain medical and health conditions must be reported in writing to Silver Sea when the reservation is made:
  • Any physical or mental condition that may require medical treatment or attention.
  • Any condition which may render the guest unfit for travel.
  • Any condition which may constitute a risk or danger to the guest or to anyone else on board the ship.
  • Any condition requiring oxygen for medical reasons.

Guests requiring special assistance because of physical disabilities must be accompanied by a non-disabled adult who will be able to assist them during the cruise, transfers, and in the event of an emergency. Guests requiring a wheelchair must provide their own collapsible wheelchair. Silver Sea reserves the right to refuse passage to anyone who, in the opinion of the cruise line, is in such physical or mental condition as to be incapable of an ocean voyage or who may require care beyond that which Silver Sea can provide. top

Rights Reserved and Limits of Responsibility.

Silver Sea's liability is limited to the terms and conditions of the Passage Contract, which is included with your final travel documents. A copy of Silver Sea's Passage Contract is also available upon request. Please note that acceptance of the Passage Contract represents acceptance of the conditions herein. Any and all information contained herein is in effect at the time of printing and is subject to change at any time. Silver Sea reserves the right to alter the ship's advertised route, to delay any sailing, substitute another vessel for the scheduled ship, or substitute or cancel scheduled ports of call as necessary. Additionally, Silver Sea reserves the right to cancel reservations and bookings, whether or not a deposit has been received. In such event, Silver Sea's only liability will be to refund to the guest the amount it has received. Silver Sea makes arrangements for transportation, other than ocean passage, only as a booking agent. Silver Sea's responsibility does not extend beyond the vessel. In arranging for the transportation of guests to and from the ship, Silver Sea does so with independent contractors. Silver Sea is not responsible for incidents such as airline cancellations, re-routings or any disruption of scheduled services or accommodations. top

Hotel Programs.

Unless otherwise indicated, overnight accommodations at a deluxe hotel with breakfast prior to your cruise are included in your air/sea fare. The complimentary hotel night, breakfast and transfers are not included for cruise-only guests taking the travel allowance. If necessary, an extra pre-cruise hotel overnight or a post-cruise hotel overnight may be required and included for air/sea guests depending on air schedules. Silver Sea reserves the right to substitute hotel selection and provides transfers and porterage as applicable. top


You may bring aboard the ship a reasonable amount of clothing and personal effects without charge. Luggage for Silver Sea guests, or guests on safari or other land packages, must be handled in accordance with regulations and tariffs of airlines and/or ground operators. Luggage exceeding these limitations is subject to the charges as set forth by individual operators. All luggage must be securely packed and properly and clearly labeled. Liquid, fragile, perishable and other articles not suitably packed are transported at your own risk. We recommend that you hand carry travel documents (passport, visa, cruise tickets), medications and valuables. These items are the full responsibility of the guest at all times. Silver Sea shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to such personal items. Luggage or personal belongings will be taken off the ship upon guest disembarkation. Under no circumstances will luggage be stored on board without the owner of such luggage being on the vessel. top

Silver Sea Air ProgramŽ.

Silver Sea's ability to offer air service from gateway cities is limited to airline scheduling and availability of negotiated airfares. Airfares negotiated by Silver Sea limit your ability to exchange, endorse or make changes to air tickets. Seat assignments, special meals and frequent flyer miles are the sole responsibility of the guest. Some airlines restrict the accumulation or use of frequent flyer miles in conjunction with fares used by cruise lines. Any service charges imposed by the airline and loss of issued tickets will be your sole responsibility. Silver Sea will select and confirm air carriers and routings on the most direct flights available at our contract rates at the time of ticketing and reserves the right to substitute charter flights for scheduled service or vice versa; Silver Sea also reserves the right to select the carrier, the routing and layover city if necessary. We suggest that you reconfirm your flights prior to departure. Airline tickets are refundable to Silver Sea only. Silver Sea is unable to make changes to air flights once travel has begun. Should you choose to make your own air, transfer and hotel arrangements, you may deduct the Cruise-Only Travel Allowance amount from the air/sea fare listed. Air and hotel confirmations for air/sea cruise bookings made within 14 days of departure will not be confirmed until full payment is received. All flight deviations and special requests are subject to availability and confirmation. Guests requesting an air deviation on their return flight date will forfeit all post-cruise hotel and transfers. Guests deviating from their pre-cruise flight may forfeit transfers from the airport to their pre-cruise hotel. Silver Sea's promotional Business Class Air Upgrades featured with select itineraries in this brochure are per person, roundtrip (unless noted otherwise) from Silver Sea's gateway cities on international flights only; upgrades apply to full cruises only (unless noted otherwise) and are subject to availability. Domestic U.S., Inter-Asia and European flights may be in economy class. Promotional upgrades are available for the first and second air/sea guest in a suite only on selected sailings. Complimentary First Class Upgrades from designated air/sea gateway cities for air/sea guests booking Silver Sea's World Cruise and complimentary Business Class Upgrades for air/sea guests booking combination voyages of 50 consecutive days or more are subject to availability and space is limited. In some cases, economy class may be required for Domestic U.S., Inter-Asia and European flights. All other Silver Sea Air Program restrictions apply. top

Travel Documents.

All travel documents (air and cruise tickets, passport, medical card, inoculation verification) are your responsibility and must be in the name that appears on your passport. It is also your responsibility to obtain any necessary visas and public health documents for all applicable ports and to comply with all customs requirements. Without the required documents, you may be denied boarding or disembarkation in certain ports for which visas have not been obtained, and Silver Sea will not be liable for such denial or bear any financial responsibility. Security measures imposed by governments may change from time to time and you will be required to comply with them. We will endeavor to provide you with notice of measures which may affect you, but complying with any such requirements is your responsibility. [ Luxury Cruises will assist you in securing information, provided such requests are by e-mail. All responses to written requests will be made in writing, since oral representations are not made by agents with respect to visa requirements.]  All schedules, prices, and terms of conditions listed in Silver Sea's written brochure and Passage Contract are the effective terms. Terms may be changed from time to time, and new terms supersede any schedules, prices, and terms and conditions previously published, provided that the new terms precede issuance of your Passage Contract, are terms that Silver Sea reserved the right to change in the terms that you accepted upon deposit or final payment, or are changed by operation of law or applicable rules or regulations pertaining to your cruise and its accompanying arrangements. top

Shore Excursions, Land Tours. Lectures. and Personalities
Shore excursions at most ports of call are offered for purchase on board, subject to availability. On some itineraries, a complimentary shore excursion may be offered. All shore excursions and land tours are operated by independent contractors and Silver Sea [and Luxury Cruises] acts only as an agent in booking them and shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or death arising out of any service provided. These independent contractors may impose additional limitations of liability. Lecturers, guest personalities, bridge instructors, golf pros/hosts, hosted cruises and entertainers are subject to change and/or cancellation. Some optional pre- and/or post-cruise tours, shore excursions, or special events are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of participants is not achieved. top

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